Saturday, August 02, 2014

Scavenger Hunt - July

Here are my finds for this month’s Scavenger Hunt on Made With Love

C is for
Camellias in my garden.

At present this is the way I relax at night

Stemmed wines glasses in the cupboard

A pool in the Wagga Wagga Botanic Gardens.

Dough for some bread rolls. 

Dishwashing liquid.

A few simple household levers.

On the Wall
A Chinese silk embroidered picture, a souvenir of my trip to China.

We have two new hens and they do everything together.  If you see one you see the other.

In Your Bag

Your View of Today
We drove up to Wagga Wagga to celebrate our son’s birthday.  This is a view through the windscreen on the trip home.

This is another view but taken outside the car.

The banner of a magazine in the newsagency.

 Many thanks to Greenthumb



  1. These are photos are so wonderful and great choices to go with the themes! TFS

  2. A lovely way to relax in the evenings! I like your interpretations of this month's prompts, particularly the collection of levers. x

  3. Enjoyed looking at your selection of photos:) Always interesting to see another part of the world. Your levers are set out looking like they are ready for an operation or two ;) Great idea for the category! Lovely to see your granny square in a very relaxing scene, cup of tea included. Picturesque views and cute about the two chicken pals. Bet your yeast rolls smelled and tasted wonderful!

    1. I like to see other parts of the world too. I work in a laboratory so I proabably was thinking I was setting up for a prac.

  4. Beautiful photos and flowers Skye..Loz

  5. The view of the pool is exquisite and I love your hen shot!
    Your 9pm is my favourite out of all the posts I've seen so far!
    CLEVER use of levers!!!x

    P.S. sorry I am so late in visiting- have been away on holiday with DREADFUL data signal!x

  6. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. It was nice to see your photos. I have a friend who was a teacher at Cootamundra high so we used to head over to waga waga a lot. I like your photos of pool, your view and stem. Greenthumb.

  7. Camellias are beautiful - we don't see them often around here. Love the cute pair of hens and ducks in the pool. Levers are a bit scary, but great idea!