Sunday, February 09, 2020


In 2019 I changed my focus from card making to gardening.  The change occured because up until then we had kept chickens and they were free range.  If you have ever kept free range poultry you would know you there is no way a garden will survive.  Unfortunately foxes got in, even though we are only a 5 minute walk from the CBD, and killed our chickens.  This presented the perfect opportunity to re-establish a garden.

But now a year has gone by I want to take up card making again.  Here is a card I have made simply for the sake of making a card.

This is an Art Impressions stamp I have had for some time and it has never used.  So to remedy this I got out my pencils and coloured her.  I like this image, she has attitude with a capital A.  


  1. I LOVE the stamp and the beautiful card you made Skye..Loz

  2. Thank you for coming back to cardmaking, Skye.

    I am glad that the circle of life brought you back yet I am so happy that you were a gardener for 365 days. Pity that the free range chickens caused all this to your garden, though.

    Your card is so so so cute. I love the funny image and the sentiment with a pun. You do make awesome cards and welcome back, once again,


    1. Thank you Monica. I am enjoying being back.

  3. I'm so sorry about your chickies, Skye, but it's lovely to see you back in Blogland! Your card made me giggle and that's a great way to start my day!! Hugs, Darnell

  4. Life is certainly a beach when we have so many great choices! Sorry about your chickens, but you'll now have a lovely garden to relax in when you're not crafting! Good to see your new makes, and thank you so much for visiting my renewal on my blog!