Friday, February 03, 2017

Explanation for Absence

I wouldn’t have thought that something as simple as changing an internet service provider would cause such a long hiatus from blogging.  Well that was just the start of a number of events.  

Our existing service provider was no longer giving us a very good deal so I changed to a new one.  Except the old provider proved difficult and left us with no internet or telephone for two months and would not allow the new provider to connect. Eventually it was all sorted and we were back on line.

By that time we had commenced our home renovations for our kitchen, bathroom, laundry and a new hardwood floor in the living area.  Everything was packed-up so we were living in a couple of rooms and a mess.   We were told it would take three and a half days, it took a month.  Then it was Christmas.  Christmas in Australia is the main holiday period.  So the renovators went on holidays for three weeks and we continued to live in a mess.  When they came back it was to tell us they would start on Friday, they didn’t arrive so we decided to call it quits and dismissed the builder.  All this time there was no space to set up the computer or make cards.

It was at this time that our son and a mate started talking of starting a business.  As their plans for the business progressed they introduced us to a new builder.  So we were off again.  All the building was eventually finished and then there was a small wait for the painting to be done. The renovations were all finished back in September but because I work full time the unpacking and spreading out again was very slow. But we are pretty much back to normal again.

Summer is the best time to paint the exterior of a house. So in the middle of all these goings on wedecided to have the outside of the house painted. We were given an estimated time of completion and surprise it was finished within the timeframe. We used heritage colours, quite different from before but I am very pleased with the way it came up

We have a big old leaf table that needed some work.  So it seemed an ideal time to have it restored, when all the other furniture was packed away.   But having no table and no space to work on made it almost impossible to craft.  But I did manage to make a few cards for personal use. The table eventually came back in absolutely wonderful condition – rich, smooth surface with pleasing colour tones.  Almost too good to use.

This has been a lot of words.  So to lighten this post I am including some flowers from my garden.


  1. Glad everything is sorted out now Skye. You can now get back into card making.. beautiful pictures of your flowers..loz

  2. Yes, sometimes life just gets in the way, glad you"re back

  3. Lovely flowers and beautiful colours. When they installed NBM for us we were without phone or internet for 3mths. Telstra paid for us to get a toggle so we could still use internet plus some data, maybe go for that if you are still without.xx