Thursday, March 27, 2014

Liebster Blog Award

Hi Everyone, I am honoured to have been nominated by Pam Knowles of Pumpys Blog, for the Liebster Blog Award.  Pop over and have a look at her blog.  She does wonderful zentangles.  Thank you so much Pam.


Here are the rules of nomination:-

1.  Be sure to thank the blog that nominated you and be sure to link back to their blog
2.  Answer the 11 questions that the blogger asked you.
3.  Nominate 11 of your favourite blogs with under 500 followers and ask your own 11 questions.
4.  Make sure to let each blogger know about your Liebster Blog nomination on their blog (leave a comment and link back to your Liebster blog post).

Here are the questions Pam asked me and my answers
1.  Do you garden?
I am not a good gardener but I love to garden. 
2.  Where were you born?
Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.
3.  Your dreams for the future?
To retire and have more time to do the things I love to do - crafting, gardening, reading, sewing, cooking, films, travel and time with family and friends.  Work just gets in the way.
4.  What would I rather do cook or craft?
I like to do both equally.  It’s a matter of what time permits.
5.  What is your favourite dish?
Char-grilled salmon with parsley relish, asparagus & pumpkin.
6.  Are you an early to rise or late to bed?
Late to bed.
7.  What do you prefer summer or winter?
Love summer, hate winter.
8.  Where was your last holiday?
9.  Movies or TV?
10.  Coke or wine?
11.  Favourite TV chef?
Last year I enjoyed Rachel Khoo’s, The Little Paris Kitchen.

Here are 11 of my favourite blogs that I have chosen to nominated for the Liebster Award!

Here are my 11 questions for the chosen bloggers:-
1.  Why did you start blogging?
2.  How many cards do you create in a week?
3.  What style of card do you make?
4.  Where do you craft?
5.  When do you craft?
6.  Do you have other hobbies?
7.  Do you work outside the home, if so as what?
8.  Where were you born?
9.  Where was your last holiday
10. Are you an early riser or late to bed?
11. Which do you prefer Summer or Winter?
Enjoy and keep on crafting



  1. Thanks for the nomination! That's so sweet of you!

  2. Dear Skye - wow - so nice of you! Thank you so much! I definitely like this version of the Liebster award - fun questions! I'll start working on them!
    Big hug, Cornelia

  3. Thanks so much Skye, means a lot to me especially since I have only recently started blogging again. I will work on the answers very soon :)

  4. Thanks - how nice of you:) preparing for a holiday, leaving Saturday, but will look into this more closely upon return.

  5. Thank you so much - love your answers. Have a great rest of the week:-)

  6. I enjoyed reading your question and answer session, Skye ... such fun! Thanks so much for nominating me for the Liebster, I'm honoured ... I've dropped you an email about it! Anita :)

  7. Thank you so much, Skye! Keep on crafting and have a lovely weekend!
    hugs, Asha