Sunday, January 05, 2014

Trip to Bendigo

Yesterday we took a day trip to Bendigo.  The City Art Gallery often has interesting exhibitions and the present one, Modern Love, Fashion Visionaries from the FIDM Museum, LA, was one I wanted to see.  The exhibition was very interesting it is “A selection of some of the world’s most influential designers from the past 40 years”.  There were some 60 exhibits spanning the last 30 years, ranging from haute couture to every day wear.  There were very few, if any designs I would or could wear.  I did find the accompanying information of the designer’s backgrounds, philosophies, how the costumes were made and from what materials, quite fascinating

The city of Bendigo is a very interesting City.  It is 150 Kilometres North West of Melbourne and it grew out of the 1850s Gold Rush.  Since 1851 approximately 777 tonnes of gold have been extracted from Bendigo's goldmines.   This golden heritage has left the town with some lovely old Victorian Colonial buildings.  

L-R Top
1. Town Hall (1859, 1883–85)                        2, Law Courts (1892–96),                                         3. Shamrock Hotel (1897)
L-R Bottom
4. Sacred Heart Cathedral(1896–1908, 1954–1977)              5. The Alexandra Fountain in the Main Street (1881)        6. Talking tram

Sacred Heart Cathedral is one of Australia's largest churches and the second tallest after St Patrick's Cathedral in Melbourne. It is an exceptionally large church for a provincial city cathedral in Australia.

Like a number of Victorian cities Bendigo used to have an extensive tram network but now it is run purely for tourists.

This year I want to improve my photography skills and my knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.  So I apologise in advance because this could be a bumpy trip.  


  1. Your photos are fabulous Skye. I love the old buildings..Loz

  2. Skye thanks for visiting and commenting my Two Different bday card..your Foto are lovely...nice place too...I want be there now hehehe SMILE