Tuesday, March 06, 2012


In an earlier post I told of a trip we made to Wagga Wagga.  It was the beginning of the uni year and we took our son back to Wagga Wagga to continue his studies.  Victoria and southern NSW have had a lot of rain in the last couple of weeks which has caused a number of rivers and creeks to flood.  The Murrumbidgee is one such river and Wagga Wagga is situated on this river.

The latest news on the floods in Wagga Wagga.
An article from the Sydney Morning Herald  "An urgent evacuation order has been issued for central Wagga Wagga in southern NSW as floodwaters threaten to reach a 160-year high.  The State Emergency Service (SES) and the police issued the order shortly after 10pm (AEDT) on Monday.  It affects 8000 people, ABC Television reports, which makes it the biggest emergency since during the week-long flood crisis.  SES Murrumbidgee region controller James McTavish said people needed to leave by dawn on Tuesday as the Murrumbidgee River threatened to breach the city's levee barriers."

My son rang me at 10pm yesterday to tell me they were being evacuated.  I think this is just a precaution, incase the levee bank weakens.  Today the authorities have revised, downwards, the estimated height they think the river will reach.  So I think he will be fine.  People living in the north and east of Wagga Wagga were evacuated Sunday because their homes were flooding.  These areas are very flat.

I am just waiting to hear from him, but I am sure he will be okay

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