Sunday, April 29, 2018

A Dorothy Shoe

Years ago my sister and I used to sell our cards at markets and our best sellers were our shoe cards.  But it became a chore because we just had to churn them out with no time for anything else.  

Tonight for our third challenge we are revisiting this card.

My first thought was to make a Dorothy shoe (Wizard of Oz) but that came together quite quickly this afternoon so I made two more.  Today I enjoyed the process, no pressure. 

Here is the link to my sister's blog Card's & Co

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  1. Skye, these are awesome and look so are a lady of all creations...have a nice week, more rain to check your sister's blog.

  2. They look fantastic. And what woman doesn’t love shoes? I certainly do.

  3. Your dorothy shoes are fabulous Skye..Loz

  4. Love all the shoes but the Dorothy shoe has to win I think. How did you do that gorgeous bow? I was wavering on a red sparkly shoe too, luckily I didn't, I had bought a sheet of glitter paper just in case I did. Gluing sparkle is difficult so you must have some strong glue. :)

  5. So pretty all of them, Skye and it seems as though there was a lot of hard work there.