Sunday, October 26, 2014


The theme this week at Our BeautifulWorld #69 is Rustic.

This afternoon I suggested to my husband that we go for a drive in the countryside.  I told him I was looking for an example of rustic to photograph.  He said he could show me some interesting roadside letter boxes.

This house owner has turned a bike into a letterbox.
Here are a few more examples of country ingenuity.

A couple more photos I took today.  The first photo is of an old farm house and buildings.  The second is a metal sculpture.

The old building was the last shot I took.  We had pulled over onto the side of the road and as I was taking the photos I was thinking about the warm weather and that it brings out the snakes, when I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye.  Yes a snake!  I quickly returned to the car.  Gosh my pulse was racing.  That was a little more excitement than I wanted.

Well I hope you are all having a lovely weekend.  Take care and thank you for visiting.



  1. Fabulous photos Skye ...Lovel all the different letterboxes..Loz

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  3. Fabulous Skye....don't forget to join my The Journey is the Start

  4. Fab they are Skye, clever one with the bike.

  5. What cute letter boxes and I love the motorcycle! It would fit right in to a meme about old things over at rubbishbyroan !