Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Postman

The theme this week at Our Beautiful World is Mails. 

I had numerous ideas for this weeks cue but on Monday I popped out at lunch time to pick up some groceries and I saw a postman (mailman) delivering letters.  I decided this was an ideal subject for this week's cue.  So I chased him down the footpath and into an office block car park.  I think he thought I was a mad woman but he very kindly allowed me to take his photo.  You can see the letter boxes behind him.

When my son was a toddler we had a postman who rode a bike and blew a whistle when he delivered the post,  It was great excitement for my son and he would watch out the window waiting for him to come.

Thank you for visiting.



  1. Fantastic photo. I am sure the postman thought you were crazy wanting his photo.. My postie still comes on a pushbike....Loz

    1. Your lucky. Motorbike don't have the same atmosphere as puchbikes. Does he blow his whistle?

  2. hi hi, how funny!! that was really kind of him :-) great photo!! and thanks for sharing it with us at "Our Beautiful World" :-))

  3. Hi Skye, thanks for sharing this postie photo with us at Our Beautiful World...I remember the postie with a pushbike and a whistle and now I watch ours on his scooter, bit of a battle as we live on a very steep street, bit tricky going up and coming down. Cheers and have a great weekend Robyn

  4. Haha!! I bet he was surprised! Great photo for the prompt though! Thanks for sharing at Our Beautiful World!!