Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Eye of the Storm

I have just been to see a exceptional movie.  It was a Fred Schepisi movie, The Eye of the Storm.  This film had screened at the Melbourne Film Festival last year but I couldn't work it into my viewings. So I am glad I was able to see it tonight. 

This is Fred Schepisi first Australian film since Evil Angels.  It  is a handsome adapted of a novel by Patrick White.  The Eye of the Storm was published in 1973, this was the year Patrick White receive the Nobel Prize for Literature, the first Australian to receive this accolade.

The film has a superb cast - Geoffrey Rush, Judy Davis, Charlotte Rampling, Colin Friels, Helen Morse, Robyn Nevin, John Gaden, Alexandra Schepisi and Maria Theodorakis.  It is set in Sydney’s salubrious Eastern Suburbs in 1972.  I loved the look of the movie, it is a sumptuous production design.  The ‘70s mansion is wonderfully recreated
Megan Lehmann of The Hollywood Reporter describes it as - A classy, grown-up drama that explores the emotional wreckage of a dysfunctional family with caustic wit.

I haven't read the book but I understand it is supposed to be autobiographical — a cruel portrait of the author's family.

Charlotte Ramplings make-up is so good your don't question the mother/daughter relationship between her and Judy Davis.  Although their ages are not that different in reality. 

Helen Morse, I haven't seen her a movie for ages, was unrecognisable as Lotte the housekeeper - a great role.  Fred Schepisi's daughter, Alexandra, had a role as one of Elizabeth Hunter's (Charlotte Rampling) nurse.  She was very good in the role.  Colin Friels is a scheming, randy politician and aspiring Prime Minister.  I have my suspisions that this is based on Bob Hawke
Branfor Masalas , US saxophonist, makes a  major contribution to the score.

Well worth seeing.

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