Sunday, 19 February 2012

Wagga Wagga

It is almost time for the Universities to start for the year.  Therefore my son has returned to Wagga Wagga to continue his studies at Charles Surt University.  This year he didn't get residence on campus so he is sharing rental accomodation in town.  But that meant getting furniture up to Wagga Wagga.  From home to Wagga Wagga it is 513 km.  We took a car and a hired van, both vehicles were completely full for the trip.  The worst part of the trip was the Western Ring Road, trucks, trucks and even more trucks.  But once we were on the Hume Highway the traffic was better. 

My husband and I stayed overnight at my brother-in-laws at Wodonga, my son continued onto Wagga Wagga and stayed overnight there.  It always nice to stay at Wodonga, it is so quiet, the sky is crystal clear and lots of bird life.  We were having tea to the sound of  kookaburras.  How good is that?

Friday morning we filled my brother-in-laws car with the items my son had left at his place over the Christmas break and we travelled onto our destination. 

The flat is in a quiet part of town but within walking distance of the shopping centre.  The flat is nice, fairly modern and in good repair. 
Baylis Street, Wagga Wagga.jpg
Baylis Street
This picture show Baylis Street which isn't far from my sons flat.  The city seems to be nice and the people we meet were very friendly

The univsersity is on the outskirts of town, so he will have to drive to classes.

We returned to Wodonga for the night and then set off bright and early for our homeward journey.  The trip was pretty good - not to much traffic to contend with and the only rain was a few light showers.  

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