Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Tassie Trip

Hi, Last weekend I went to Tasmania. We had a lovely time. The flight over to Hobart was early Saturday morning, this gave us plenty of time at Salamanca market. Salamanca Place is the centre of Hobart's arts and crafts and on Saturdays the market takes over. The market has something for everyone -food, music, art and craft, clothing, antiques, collectables, books, bric-a-brac, jewellery.
After the market we had a look around Battery Point. This district is one Hobart's oldest and most historic areas. There were some lovely old houses. By this time we were ready to head out to our overnight B&B accommodation in Richmond.

We stayed at Mulberry Cottage, in the French Boudoir. The owner, Miriam Cooper was very nice. Miriam is a drama teacher and is interested in history. She performs a 45 min show, "Turn the Key of Time", in a 1830's cottage which is located at the front of her property. The show was very well done and interesting.

Mulberry Cottage
The next morning we spent sightseeing and shopping in Richmond. The Richmond Bridge(1823), is Australia's oldest bridge still in use and it was built by convicts.

Richmond Bridge

We also visited St John's Catholic Church (1837), Richmond Gaol (1825), St Luke's Anglican Church (1834). The convict who was responsible for the original timber work inside the Anglican Church, was granted his freedom as a reward for his work.

After lunch we headed for the Mona Museum of Old and New Art.  It is situated in the Moorilla winery on the Berriedale peninsula in Hobart.  It is Australia’s largest private museum.   On entering you receive an iPod touch which gives you information about the artwork you are standing in front of.  To go to the galleries you descend three levels in a lift or spiral staircase.  The walls are of beautiful sheer rock.

The Entrance to the Mona
To get to the entrance of the museum you walk across a tennis court.  The view across the river is really lovely.  This is not an easy art gallery to view, very challenging and very confronting.  You can't tell people to visit or not to visit, you must make up you own mind about this gallery.

By the time we had finished at the gallery it was time to return to the airport.  We had had very good weather but due to bad weather in Sydney the planes were late but that couldn't spoil a wonderful weekend


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