Sunday, 26 February 2012

A Gentle Place

On Friday evening I attended a garden party and Book launch at the Geelong Club in Brougham Street. The GC is a professional and land owning person’s social Club that has been in existence since 1859. The book launch was for the 150th year, 1859 to 2009.

I first thought that a Club history would be a boring catalogue of Presidential faces, spicy tid bits of member goings on over the years and self- indulgent paeans of praise for a jolly good lot of chaps but this was not the case.

The Jubilee year President, Ken Jarvis (former Mayor of Geelong) launched the book. He remarked that the book was full of new information, placed the Club in the context of Geelong history and its economic ups and downs and showed the calibre of the members over the years, including three Victorian Premiers and one Governor General, several Knights of the Realm and a host of Order of Australia recipients. He said the book was good read with lots of interesting chapters on all facets of the Club and its three incarnations and several premises. The Club has moved with the times as shown by admitting women members from the early 1990s and the current President is a woman.

The finger foods served throughout were fabulous treats. I particularly liked the dainty pieces of roast beef on goats cheese toast. Yum.

Afterwards we adjourned to a 4th floor flat just down the road where a Club member played host to several of us on the balcony as we looked out over Corio Bay and its myriad of lights and evening hues

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